Listing VA properties

We approach listing, managing and selling VA properties with an unparalleled commitment to professionalism. We are always looking for high performing vendors with the commitment to excellence. Specifically, VA properties, by their very nature, require specialized training that is offered from VRM and our educational resource - VRM University.

Getting started:

If you are interested in joining our network, the first step is to complete a one page application. Click here to begin the online application.

VA properties require an additional level of sensitivity and a specialized skillset that we provide through free training for our vendor network. Once approved, you will be required to complete VA asset-related training to be eligible for asset assignments. You are not required to complete the additional U.S.A. Cares training but it is highly recommended.

If you have questions regarding these vendor requirements, please contact our vendor relations department at

Course completion does not guarantee assignment, but completion will help ensure you are eligible when potential assignments are available in your area.


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